Flow 2 Stairlift by Kudos Stairlifts – Narrow stairs with 5 turns

A Stairlift was required for a narrow staircase with 5 turns in it

The user is over 6ft tall and still no problem for Kudos Specialist Stairlifts!

A Flow 2 Stairlift with an auto swivel function was fitted on the narrow stairs with a narrow quarter landing.
The seat also has curved arms because the end user is over 6ft tall making accessibility easier.

This worked an absolute treat!

You may notice that the radiator and shelf with his ornament remain, keeping his home as it was!

Flow 2 Stairlift by Kudos Stairlifts – VERY Narrow Staircase

All major stairlift companies had said “NO this wasn’t possible”

The chap was going to have to move out of his home, a home he was born in and had lived in for over 80 years!

We didn’t… We found a solution and said YES!

Flow 2 Stairlift by Kudos Stairlifts – Narrow stairs in a modern 3 floor town house

Every other company said this was not possible!

They wanted the customer to have it another way or to have 2 stairlifts fitted!

This stair lift was fitted to a modern town house with 3 floors, 2 users and multiple stopping points. The customer had very specific requirements but we were able to fit where others couldn’t!

Flow 2 Stairlift by Kudos Stairlifts – 72 degree climb in narrow space

All other stair lift companies said NO to this lady

One company even suggested she move house!

This is a Flow 2 stair lift in a very narrow space. The staircase has a 72 degree climb and a very low bulkhead / doorway to pass through. We also ensured that the handrails remained in place too for other stair users.